Monday, August 1, 2016

Introduction & Mission Statement

I have been writing Cardboard History since November 2014, and on that blog I like to write up a lot...sometimes posting dozens of images and hundreds upon hundreds of words. But I don't really post a lot of card backs or even half the cards I scan.

In June 2016, my remote hard drive crashed and took all my scans with me. I've been working on trying to recover everything, but some things are just gone. If I had posted them to the blog, I would have been able to recover them easily.

So it gave me an every card, front and back. I didn't want to do large posts of these on Cardboard History, because I plan to post one card, front and back, at a time. I also like to only post once every day or less on Cardboard History, and I scan lots of cards, and I plan to post lots of them here...I could see posting 20 posts a day on here.

While I would not mind followers or comments, that isn't the goal here...this is simply an image backup that allows me to use the tagging system to find things easily.

I could forsee posting more than 100,000 times on this blog, as my collection is around 130,000 cards. Someday, the goal is to post them all.

Stay tuned!

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